Oil Filter Systems

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Oil Filter Systems

The Cook King High Volume Oil Filter is extremely efficient in the continuous removal of fines and particulates from the fryer oil. Our proprietary fine mesh belting eliminates the need for roll paper or filter media. The continuous operation eliminates the need to shut down the line or clean filter plates.

Because of the excellent filtration and resultant clean oil, our customers have found that in most cases, they don’t have to replace the oil due to breakdown. They merely automatically add makeup oil to the fryer to maintain oil level. This adds huge profits to the bottom line by not having to throw out oil.

A discharge conveyor allows for the deposit of a sludge of drained fines and particulates into a waste container for removal from the system.

Cook King also manufactures a continuous paper filter which can be used in specific applications or for lower cost systems.

The Cook King Oil Filters are excellent for food items as well as additional industrial uses. They can be used with existing fryer systems where superior oil filtration is desired. The results are fresher tasting food items and longer oil life.