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Brander / Searing Units
Although the Cook King Broiler/Oven contains a patented built in searing and branding system, there are some instances where a free standing brander or searing unit is needed. Cook King manufactures an independent brander unit that allows for a top and/or bottom brand. The system is self contained and can be used for many applications including installation in the front or the discharge end of existing ovens. The degree of color and width of the grill mark is adjustable.

The Cook King Free Standing Searing Unit and/or Free Standing Brander can be utilized with existing ovens or independently for applying color highlights and grill marks on products to enhance the "sell by the eye" appearance.

We welcome your visit to our Southern California test lab where our highly qualified staff is available to demonstrate the tremendous versatility of the Cook King Equipment. All of our equipment is producing value added products and offers you the finest finished product look available.